For Teachers


The Organising Committee is very appreciative of the efforts made by teachers and caregivers in helping their students to enter this event and we have listed below information to help you (and us).

All entries are to be completed online by the school’s Science Fair Coordinator, and must be completed by Friday 28th July 2017 (the entry form will be available from Term 2).  Changes will be able to be made to your school’s entries up until that date. From Friday 28th July, all exhibit details will be finalised and no further changes will be able to be made. At this point, confirmation of entries and invoices will be sent to schools, and the final list of exhibits will be prepared to be used for fair organisation and to produce the fair programme provided to judges. Please be aware that this is a firm date.

In 2017, the Organising Committee may request that schools with a large number of entries provide a suitably qualified judge as a condition of entry. Further details will be added in due course.

All online forms for the event will be accessible from the footer menu.

In the unlikely event that the venue cannot accommodate all entered exhibits, you may be contacted after the closing date if your school has entered a large number of exhibits, in order for you to choose the best exhibits to send to the Fair. However, all possible arrangements will be made in an effort to ensure this is not necessary.


Please note – Conditions of Entry: – yes we do have some rules and they are:

  • The Organising Committee reserves the right to limit the number of exhibits per school and decline any exhibit which in the committee’s opinion is not in keeping with the standards of the Fair.
  • Projects can be completed individually, or completed in groups with a maximum of three students per exhibit.
  • There is an entry fee of $5 per exhibit. Schools will be invoiced for the number of exhibits entering from that school after the closing date. Invoices must be paid by Friday 18th August to ensure entry to the Fair on Judging Day.
  • As a condition of entry all exhibits must remain on display until the close of the fair (exact time and date TBC).
  • The Canterbury-Westland Schools Science and Technology Fair Organising Committee reserve the right to use prize winner’s information, including name, photograph and exhibit details, for publicity purposes.
  • Students are expected to be well behaved during the judging and any misbehaviour may result in their exhibit being removed from the Fair.
  • School coordinators are to supply a contact name, active email address and phone number. This person will be contacted by email after the Fair and advised of any students from their school who have been awarded prizes.
  •  The date, time and location of the Awards Ceremony will be confirmed at a later date. Selected students will need to bring their exhibits to display before the ceremony.



  • Refer to the Key Dates page for the Regional Fair deadlines.
  • Plan your school’s mini-fair well in advance of the Canterbury-Westland Schools Science and Technology Fair.
  • Coordinate the mini-fair with all the other science and technology teachers at your school and time it so as to best suit the teaching programme.
  • Attempt to obtain judges from outside the school and preferably with prior expertise in judging Science and Technology Fair exhibits.
  • Attempt to get sponsorship for prizes from your local community.


Useful information for teachers

The Links page gives a number of sites which can assist teachers in suggesting a range of topics for investigation.